Melanie Benit

Your everyday diplomat, Melanie specializes in representing interests and policies, speaking publicly and mingling with all types of people throughout the world. Her diplomatic pursuits were crafted throughout her involvement in the political process as a grassroots intern to trained campaign manager. Melanie earned her dual degree in Marketing and Political Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Immediately following undergrad, she moved to Israel to complete her M.A. in Government, Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security at IDC Herzliya. Amidst her research on the relationship between religion and governance in the Middle East, as well as the threat of failed states to the international community, she expanded her traveling repertoire to 11 countries and her unilingality by half- סופר. Currently in the States, you can find Melanie working out to YouTube videos and preparing for her future US ambassadorship.

Follow her on Twitter: @MelanieBenit