Letter from the Editor: 2017 and Beyond

Valued Readers, 

On behalf of the entire Overwatch 1776 family, we hope you had a great New Year and Holiday season. Now that the holidays are behind us, we must look towards what this year has in store for us. Yes, in three weeks Donald Trump will be sworn in as President. For many this is seen as a challenge to fight against for the next four years. For others it is seen as a victory for those who were disenfranchised by President Obama's eight years in office. No matter what side you are on, the next year will be interesting. We are possibly going to see shifts across the globe in the traditional power structure. At home, we may feel the effects of that, or we may not. 

We remain cautiously optimistic about what the future holds. Many of us here are divided politically, but we know that the American spirit can triumph over any obstacle. If you feel like your voice is being drowned out, use your constitutional rights to make your voice heard. If you feel that the government does not speak for you, call your representatives in Congress. 

The most American thing you can do is to strive towards greatness. It is what America has always done. So no, we don't need to "make America great again." America was always great, America has always been flawed. And it always will be flawed, but thats what makes America great. The greatest resource at hand, the American people are a limitless resource for progress and change. 

Signing Off, 

Jordan Mor, Editor-in-Chief

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