Letter from our Founder

Welcome to Overwatch’76

    You may be wondering what exactly this new site that you are on is. That is a totally valid thought, so let me explain. OW76 is the result of a years-long dream and months of hard work by our incredible team, that dream is now a reality.

    As a high-school student, it was difficult to find sources that tailored information on national security towards my age group. This problem became more and more frustrating as I grew older. The information had become more available, but nothing was designed to attract my generation to the field. After years of believing that this site that catered to my age group was just a pipe dream, I told the right group of people about it.

     It was in graduate school that I met the right people who not only saw the good that we could do with this idea, but wanted to be a part of it. I owe those people, our staff, my friends, a debt.

    You can think of OW76 as an online national security think tank for millennials. All we are here to do is have a dialogue, a conversation about some of the most important issues that our nation faces, in a way that is easily accessible.    

Signing off,

Jordan Mor

    Founder and Editor-in-Chief



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