Trump’s Security: Who Should Bear the Burden?

Since Trump became President-elect the NYPD has spent nearly $500,000 daily on his security detail. The total estimated cost to the NYPD for the Trump protection detail through his inauguration is $35 million, a cost the City of New York requested Congress to reimburse them for.

Trump Tower, where the President-elect lives and conducts his transition efforts, is in a highly congested area – there are transit hubs, vehicular traffic, and swarms of pedestrian and tourists. These provide a unique challenge to the NYPD. The Secret Service holds primary responsibility for protecting the President-elect and his family, but the NYPD, or whichever law enforcement agency has jurisdiction over the President-elect’s residence, is responsible for controlling the movements of the general public.

The NYPD has nearly 34,500 police officers serving and protecting New York City. The added burden of Trump’s security detail requires additional officers be posted around-the-clock at his residence. To accomplish this effectively, most of the officers on the Trump Tower detail are working overtime.  The NYPD efficiently deploys its police officers daily and does not have additional officers available for deployment on random missions and assignments.  Overtime costs more money, simple as that, meaning that whoever thinks that there is no additional cost to protecting a single, high-profile individual and his family is wrong. More officers, more money. The number of officers assigned to Trump's security detail is classified, but it includes traffic agents and uniformed police officers.

The City of New York has previously received federal reimbursement for the protection of high-profile visitors and dignitaries to the city or to the United Nations. The ongoing protection of Trump in one of the most crowded areas of Manhattan is unprecedented and is not a burden the taxpayers of New York City and the State of New York should bear alone. President-elect Trump is our county’s next president. Our country, not my city and state alone, needs to provide for his protection. Anything contrary is unacceptable and frankly will put the residents of New York City at risk.  

This topic should not need to be discussed. Laws need to change to ensure that all costs of protecting the future President-elect falls to the federal government. There is no reason why New York City is not currently eligible for reimbursement under today’s federal law or programs. Our country is looking for all types of change. Let’s get the damned ball rolling already.