Breaking: Berlin’s Christmas Market suspect killed in Shootout

This morning in Milan, Italy, 3am local time, the suspect of the Berlin market attack from earlier this week was shot and killed in a shootout. Anis Amri, a Tunisian man, was suspected of attacking the Berlin Christmas market earlier this week. The attack killed 12 people and injured 48 others.

A man claiming to be Amri’s father went on Tunisian radio and said that his son left Tunisia for Italy 7 years ago. After having moved to Italy, Amri served a 4-year jail sentence form 2011-2015 for an arson attack against a school. When Amri entered the country, he was a minor who entered in a flood of immigration that resulted from the Arab Spring. At the time, authorities said he was considered a petty criminal and nothing more.

After finishing his jail sentence, Amri made his way to Germany, specifically Berlin, in 2015. While in Germany he requested and was denied asylum. The process of deporting Amri was started but ultimately was never finished, because his identity was unverifiable. German officials believe that Amri had been in touch with radicals while living in Germany.

In November, when German police arrested members of the Abu Walaa network, Amri was implicated in the investigation. Then this past Monday evening, December 19th, Amri drove a truck through the Market and killed 12 people.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. One of IS’ affiliated news groups posted a video of Amri pledging his allegiance to ISIS.

All of this leads to last night, December 22nd. Italian Police in Milan stopped Amri on a routine patrol. When he was asked for his papers, he reportedly pulled a .22 caliber gun on the officers and fired at them. One of the officers fired back and killed Amri in the gunfight. Before being struck and killed Amri shouted out “Bastard Cops,” according to Milan’s Chief of Police.

If the evidence is true, it is overwhelmingly against Amri. All evidence points to this man being a terrorist, and as ISIS called him, “A soldier of the Islamic State.” The investigation into the attack in Berlin is still ongoing.