Why We Should Be Excited For "Trump's America"

Like most Americans, I was heavily invested in this election. While most election years bring fanfare and pandering politicians, 2016 ushered in a whole new animal: aggressive, cunning, and dangerous. Regardless of which side you were on, the campaign has left us with deep-seeded wounds that will take time to heal. For many, the wounds accrued are still gaping and throbbing as riots and protests ramble on; and from what I am hearing, most people are in shock that Trump actually won.

Let me say this clearly: the system did not fail us, the politicians did.

Our beautiful political system gave us exactly what we wanted (we, as in the American people, not to be read as the royal “we”). You can’t argue against the numbers, and the Electoral College is showing us that this is what we wanted.

Our politicians’ continuous failure to listen to the American people brought Trump to the White House. I have no more words for either party, except to point out the blatant and unapologetic corruption in the Democratic Party (leading to the rejection of Bernie Sanders, who many believe was the rightful candidate) and the Republican Party for failing their constituency over the course of the past decade in Congress (not to mention having too many presidential candidates, leading to further fracturing of the party).  All of these factors considered, it should not be a shock that Trump won.

I think it’s safe to say that the Democratic Party came into the 2016 election a little too confident and basically told America that there was no way they could lose. The left has scared people into silence with the rationale that any opinion other than their own is unacceptable. So, we saw Republicans being attacked as racist, homophobic, sexists without any way to defend themselves if for just one moment they tried to advocate for Trump. Meanwhile, Trump spouted anti-establishment rhetoric that created a bandwagon for people who were sick of the elitism of Washington: match made in heaven.

Absorbing this political situation, there is no denying that Trump has started a movement and our politicians should be scared. This uneasiness in Washington is why we should be excited for Trump’s America. Washington has developed a culture of elitist complacency and with Trump in the Oval, Congress is going to have to work harder, create better, more innovative policy, and reconnect with their constituency to stay relevant. The American people are loudly vocalizing that there is a need for change. With any luck, Washington won’t let us down. Despite the tumultuous circumstances, my hope is that instead of further dividing our country, we can capitalize on the momentum of political engagement in the country to unite and create a brighter future for ourselves. Thus, ensuring that there will not be a repeat of 2016.