National security is one of the most important issues that the United States faces today. National security, as we see, it is not diplomatic or military issue, but one that touches all aspects of our lives. The Internet, the economy, politics, law enforcement, and immigration, just to name a few, are all things that, whether we realize it or not, have a great impact on us. 

Our name is an amalgamation of two ideas. Overwatch, is a callsign that is frequently given to support on military missions. Whoever takes on the responsibility of the moniker, has agreed to be a guardian, a defender. That is what we have done, we have made it our mission to create a more secure world. The 1776 comes from the year that the United States was born. It is meant as a constant reminder to us of our roots. It is also a reminder that we are more than just one country; we are a collective of people from diverse backgrounds who make up a country. American politics is world politics, and world politics is American politics.

We, the Overwatch 1776 team, believe it is our responsibility to pass on the knowledge we have been able to accrue. This platform was designed by millennials for millennials to be open to all. As such, our goal is to present the most comprehensive and concise analysis on contemporary issues that we face.